Wednesday, November 16, 2011

winter outfit ideas!!!

Wondering how to mix in your fall and summer pieces with the new winter attire? Have a band tee or floral skirt?  Put them together with some tights and combat boots, like so:     

Or maybe tube socks and Converses of that's more your style! Like so: 
The skirt is $60.00 from Modcloth and the band tees are from
What about the cropped t's? pair them with maxi skirts and boots (or heels for our power girls!) 
Here are some examples:

Slip on a loose cardigan to accentuate the length of the maxi skirt ( we don't wanna reveal too much skin, right girls?) You could always tie the bottom of the skirt in a knot to show off those shoes ;) Want more styling tips? Email me or follow me on twitter at vanessacaulford. 

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