Sunday, November 13, 2011

So I Went Shopping.... :)

I tried to replicate the whole Madewell look but for a lot cheaper and this is what I got: The sweater ($29.95),  plaid shirt ($24.95), and scarf ($12.95) are from H&M (the boys sections!), the jeans are forever 21 ($10 or $20) and the heels ($39.99) are from Eternity Fashions, a quaint shoe and dress boutique that has all the latest styles for wayyy less than what you see online, like the amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes that everyone is obsessing over right now. I bought some other amazing finds as well.
I'm not much of a label girl and considering that I'm a freshman at Philadelphia University, I'm on a strict Ramen Noodle diet! I always look to designers like Free People, Madewell and Marc Jacobs and then find the looks for less ;)

Oh yeah, I'm saving up for a REAL camera so excuse the webcam photos!

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